Spread the Smiles

Saw this today and had a good laugh. It’s true that we aren’t exactly where we pictured ourselves but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of where we are.

With all of the changes brought on by the pandemic what would you say affected you most? For me seeing everyone in masks has been a big adjustment. As an esthetician you would think I am worried about the effects on people’s skin. But that’s not it. I miss seeing smiles. When you are at the grocery store when you’re struggling with your baby and another mom smiles to remind you that “you’ve got this”. Or opening the door for someone and them thanking you with a warm smile.

This is why at Sofia E Day Spa we are launching an initiative to Spread the Smiles. From now until December 31, upgrade your Glowgetter Hydrafacial to any of our Elite Hydrafacials and we will treat you to a complementary Clear Skin treatment. Gift it to a friend or loved one who needs a boost, or use it for yourself at a time when you need a pick me up. We hope our clients take advantage of this opportunity and join us in spreading smiles.


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